Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's FINALLY Here!

Our Adoption Puzzle has arrived!  We are so excited for this!  I have changed the amount....starting at $10.00. What ever amount you are willing to donate towards our adoption, we are GRATEFUL for.  We are so lucky to have you in our lives, and to have your support!   So, no matter what you donate, you will have a fun puzzle piece with your name on it!  

Thanks so much!  This adoption is going to happen soon...we both can feel it!   Keep us in your prayers!  We will keep you updated!

***To donate, please visit our Go Fund Me button on the right side of the page of our blog!***

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We are the Paiges! Our blog is about our journey through adoption, our little angel and blessing from above, and our crazy life! We hope you enjoy our stories about how we were able to receive our baby girl. We have an open adoption, and we love everything about it. Though times can get stressful with the process; each day we get closer and closer to having her as our daughter permanently. If you have any questions about how we went through the process, or how to go about it, get a hold of us on our contact page! If you are a birth mom looking to place your baby, and looking at our blog for us to be the potential parents, please contact us! Even though we just got our baby girl, we are always open to the idea of getting our baby girl a sibling. Thanks so much! Always, Patrick and Brittany

The Paiges

The Paiges

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