Thursday, August 28, 2014

6 Weeks.....Already?

Wow...time flies when your having fun.....or sleep deprived.  LOL  Little Oakley Marie is going to be 6 weeks this Friday.  Can't believe it.  She is such a doll. We just can't get enough of her.  Since I haven't updated since she was born, thought I would put some of my favorite pictures of her up from her newborn session. 

Of course, she was a few weeks old when I got these....didn't hardly have time to get her home, etc.  

If you are wanting newborn pictures done, and don't know where to go...I suggest Flash they have an awesome newborn-24 month program for pictures.   I love how these turned out.   Especially that little smirk on the last one?  Seriously...TOO DIE FOR.  

I did her one month pictures a week or two ago.....I think they turned out okay.  

So peaceful
 She loves to have tubby time, TUMMY time, Nappy time, Play time.  She loves being sung to, and swinging in her two different swings.   She tries to roll over....she is almost there.  She just has to figure out what to do with her arms.  :)     This little girl is growing up fast!   With me having to work, it has been difficult.  Most women get maternity leave.  I guess you could say I had some maternity leave.  3 weeks to be exact.  Which I am very grateful for, I just wish I had more time with her.   I work for 5 days straight, and I swear by the time I get a day or two off, she has grown a little length wise, and is slowing getting her cute pot belly.  

I have no doubt in my mind that God played a HUGE role in getting us this sweet little girl.   I think he had some help picking her out too, by my grandma, nana, papa, patricks grandparents, etc.  She is just too perfect for us.  Not to mention, she LOOKS like she really is our baby.....or at least Patricks baby.   Mornings are definitely one of the best moments I get with her, since I work nights.   She smiles up all kinds of storms!  My mom has a very cute theory...and that is that babies are born not being able to talk because they have just seen the before and after life.  They aren't allowed to tell secrets, so therefore, they can't talk.  My moms secretary also had a know how everyone has a cute little dent on their top lip?  Do me a favor...take your pointer finger and put it in the dent of your top lip like you are saying SSHHHH.  Now, did you do it?   Does your finger fit almost perfectly in that dent?  Theory is, angels tell you to ssshhhh, as in, it's a secret don't tell anyone.   What a cute theory huh?   

I don't know if it's true...but I totally think it's possible, and I wanna believe in it.    Especially when this cute girl is cooing, smiling, pursing her lips, and looking off to the side of my shoulder.  I bet there is some angel of our family that is there...just baby talking it up with her. The pictures explain it all.  I will try and capture more.
Adorable right?

Now...I promise, one last picture to post.   And then I am done for a few days.....Look how beautiful her skin is, her eyes, her lips, her hair even.   Seriously? We totally scored, and we just can't THANK Mayra (Birthmama) enough for this miracle she has given Patrick and I.  
Ok....enough for this post....But I will see her grow up just as much as we will.   Love ya all!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Our New Adventure!

Introducing our Baby Girl....
Oakley Marie Paige

It all began on Saturday, July 12, 2014....Pats birthday.  Patrick and I went up to Park City with my mom, step dad, brother, and grandpa.   We were celebrating our 4 year anniversary, and Patricks birthday.  That morning, Pat went golfing with the guys, while my mom and I went to the pool to hang out.   We talked for quite a while, talking about different situations that the agency was sending us about birthmoms, etc.   I received a text message from our social worker, who had told me that there was going to be a little Hispanic baby born the next Wednesday or Thursday in California....and she asked if we were interested.   As soon as I received this text, I told my mom.   We both were like.....uh YA!  hahahaha...I called Patrick, and asked if he wanted to be presented to the birthmom.   Of course, he said yes.

For those of you who don't know how the process works, the birthmom is the one who makes the final decision!  So when I told the social worker yes, she replied with telling me that she will present us with two other families.   Patrick and I have been presented before....only once.  But with that situation, there were SIX families being presented.  A one in six chance is pretty unlikely that we would be picked!.  We figured, a one in three chance for this baby girl, we definitely have a chance!

After talking to Patrick on the phone, I was saying to my mom how perfect it would be if we were matched on Patricks birthday.  I mean, what present could be any better than knowing your going to be a daddy?   After being excited, and very anxious to hear what the birth mom said, I texted our social worker to find out when we would be told if we were picked or not.   She replied to me with. "if you are 100% committed to this, I will only present you!"   This of course, was the BEST news without consulting Patrick, I just said yes!   She then told me that we would find out that day.. Patricks birthday.

Immediately I went out with my mom to Wally World, and got some cute little pink booties, and a card.....if we were matched, this was my present to him....if not, um....I'd have to find a watch or something.  hahaha   This all happened in the I waited all day to find out if we were matched...then at 5:12 PM right before we were going to dinner....I received this text! awesome is that?

I went straight to my mom, and my brother and told them the news.  Everyone that was with us in Park City knew....except for Patrick.......   Then right before we left for dinner I gave him his present.

The next day...Sunday, we came home and told Patricks parents and then my dad and step mom.   We threw a party for the rest of the family and gave them the news.   Now remember....we were leaving in 3-4 days to California to get our little baby girl.....our Nursery wasn't even started yet!  HAHAHA   what a crazy few days its was!

On Monday, Patrick and my brother Nate painted the accent wall in the nursery, while my mom and I went shopping for baby stuff!
Pat and Nate

My dad and Nate putting her crib together

Here it is!!!
Finally, it was Wednesday the 16th....and we left for Cali....Patrick, my mom, and I.   The car was packed with future baby girls car seat, clothes, diapers, our luggage, etc.   And then we were off!!!
Seriously, LONGEST car ride ever....we stopped in Vegas....had some lunch and then off again to head to Santa Clarita, California.  We arrived at about 830pm.   Patrick and I were exhausted, so we went to the hot tub to relax while my mom hung out in the room.   It was then, that Patrick and I began our excitement, and stressful weekend!

Thursday, hung out at the hotel, and did some shopping for last minute items...  Then we went to meet the birth mom.   Words couldn't express the nervousness we encountered.  Would she like us?  Would she change her mind?   The hardest part about the whole situation was that she is a great mom to two other little girls.  AND that she spoke only Spanish.  LOL  Patrick and I have always wanted to learn Spanish.   After our meeting, we went back to our hotel.  Guys, this was HARD.  She had a full night to think about things before we met at the hospital.  She could have backed out at any time.   

Friday Morning......OMG!  Can you say anxious, excited, nervous, scared, happy, sad, thrilled, blessed, etc.  All these feelings at the same time.   We met at the hospital, in labor and delivery.  Her c section was scheduled for 12 pm.   We got there at 10 am.   As I waited with the BM (I don't want to name her) we saw emergency after emergency come through the doors.   Her c section kept getting postponed....and she was getting more nervous and scared, as well as us. I sat with her in her room, and we waited and waited.  

BM and Me's 330 pm and I am getting ready!!!
I felt terrible that Pat couldn't go in...but I got to get some good pictures for him!

 And then..... at 4:16 pm.....our Little Angel was born
Oakley Marie Paige

Dr, Nurse, and our happy family

Mama, cutting her cord
7 lbs 10 ounces, 20 inches long....

BM and Oakley

Mama looking at baby Oakley for first time!
daddy and Oakleys first moment with each other!

Daddy feeding her the first bottle

One happy mama

smiles all day!

Two angels.....BM and baby Oakley
 After Oakley was born, she still wasn't our baby yet.....BM had all rights to the baby until she signed relinquishment papers.....which was very nerve racking.   She wasn't going to be allowed to sign the documents until she was clear of any type of pain medication.  She had me stay at the hospital with her in the room....she wanted to watch Patrick and I with the baby, see how we cared for her, and loved her.  She later on told the social worker at the hospital that she wanted to see how we would be with her little girl.   

On Saturday....BM was going to sign the documents....around 930 pm is when that happened, and it was a very long day for each of us.   The above picture of pat and I with the BM and Oakley was right after she signed.  She and I had a very special moment that I could never was the best feeling I have ever had in my life, and Patrick and my mom got to see it.   I wish I had a photo to show you just how emotional it got between us, no words could describe it.  But in a way, I am glad we don't have a picture of was so special I want to keep it between her and I.   I love this woman with all of my heart, she gave me what I couldn't do.  She definitely has blessed me with the best gift in the world, and I have no idea how to repay her, but to raise her baby with the most love, care and respect I could ever imagine to give. This BM deserves to go back to school and to live her life the way she wouldn't have been able to.   Oakley's adoption is very open....Patrick and I are so happy we have a BM that is so close to us.   We talk a lot, send pictures to each other, and can't wait for a reunion somewhere down the road!   

Sunday, we discharged from the hospital.  BM left about 20 minutes before us.   The staff made me go out with Oakley in a wheelchair.  

We left and she was finally our little girl...well close.  We have temporary custody of her, until we can finalize in 6 months.   

Before we could come back to Utah, we had to wait for California to release Oakley to us, and for Utah to accept her to come into the state.  So on Monday, we met with our cousin Jason.  Had some awesome family time and lunch, and caught up on some good conversation.
After lunch, we decided to head to the beach. I wanted Oakley to "see" it before we came home.  HaHA  it was more for me to say that she had been to the beach already. 
Hermosa Beach

We already went shopping!
And we are back in UTAH!
This was the best journey in our lives...and it now is starting to become our ADVENTURE.   The way this all panned out, was definitely a blessing from the man above.  We couldn't be any happier, and more excited to have this little girl in our lives.    

I just got Oakleys newborn pictures done, and I will post some here tomorrow!  Hope you enjoyed the journey....tried to make it seem as real for you as it was for us!

We are the Paiges! Our blog is about our journey through adoption, our little angel and blessing from above, and our crazy life! We hope you enjoy our stories about how we were able to receive our baby girl. We have an open adoption, and we love everything about it. Though times can get stressful with the process; each day we get closer and closer to having her as our daughter permanently. If you have any questions about how we went through the process, or how to go about it, get a hold of us on our contact page! If you are a birth mom looking to place your baby, and looking at our blog for us to be the potential parents, please contact us! Even though we just got our baby girl, we are always open to the idea of getting our baby girl a sibling. Thanks so much! Always, Patrick and Brittany

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The Paiges

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